Clinicient Inc, a provider of business solutions for outpatient rehabilitation, has agreed to acquire physical therapy outcomes registry Intermountain Rehab Outcomes Management System (ROMS) from Intermountain Healthcare for undisclosed terms.

Intermountain ROMS delivers patient reported outcomes surveys and analytic tools that help physical and occupational therapy providers make better care decisions and demonstrate high-value care.

Integrating the Intermountain ROMS platform with Keet Health, Clinicient’s mobile patient engagement solution, will streamline the process of data collection and submission requirements for therapists.

This combination enables therapy providers to automatically provision, score and report patient-reported outcomes through a patient’s mobile device, ensuring that they are rewarded for the high-value care they provide, a media release explains.

“Our team is committed to moving physical therapy up the healthcare value chain. We’ve developed a strategy, made investments and partnered with the best in the industry to help clinics remain competitive in the changing landscape. We believe demonstrating quality outcomes is a crucial, foundational step in the transition to value-based care,” says T. Kent Rowe, chief executive officer, Clinicient Inc.

“Rehabilitation therapists embody the goals of the triple aim approach of improving healthcare by delivering high-quality, low-cost, patient-centered care. We strive to provide solutions that allow our therapists to continue improving lives,” states Holly Taylor, VP & General Manager, Keet Inc.

“Today, I’m proud to unite with Clinicient and Keet Health. We share an unwavering belief in the untapped role physical therapists play in healthcare and believe our partnership has the best chance of demonstrating the value of therapy and producing positive financial benefits for clinics,” comments Stephen Hunter, rehab services director, Intermountain ROMS.

[Source(s): Clinicient Inc, Keet Health, Intermountain ROMS, PRWeb]