Bioness Inc has announced the launch of the Bioness Integrated Therapy System (BITS), a touch screen-based clinical rehabilitation platform. A Bioness news release notes that the platform is designed to evaluate and improve abilities for individuals with disabilities resulting from neurological disorders and traumatic injuries as well as improve performance in competitive athletes. The new system consists of a touch screen display mounted on a highly portable stand and is engineered to support a series of software programs for optimizing patient outcomes.

The Bioness news release indicates that BITS is a clinical nexus that allows current and future Bioness technologies to be integrated on a single platform. The system is being launched with a Visuomotor software program, which covers seven main therapy categories including rapid eye movement, eye-hand, metronome, memory recall, letter chart, and visual-motor programs.

These therapy categories provide unique programs for visual-motor integration, improving reaction time, improving visual and auditory memory, visual-vestibular integration, and improving hand speed and field attention, according to Bioness.

Todd Cushman, president and CEO of Bioness, states, “The introduction of the BITS system represents a significant development for Bioness. The system, in addition to being a clinical hub for future Bioness technologies, detects and charts patient improvement over time, centralizing the rehabilitation regimen.”

Cushman adds, “The high level of clinician and patient involvement and excitement when using the BITS is extremely motivating.”

Rehabilitation facilities can contact Bioness at (800) 211-9136 for a demonstration of the BITS System.

[Source: Bioness Inc]