Ventana Research has awarded ATI Physical Therapy the “2018 Digital Leadership Award” in Human Capital Management.

The Ventana Research Digital Leadership Awards recognize individuals and companies that have championed improvements across their people, processes, information, and technology.

ATI Physical Therapy received its award for driving significant cost and time efficiencies by consolidating multiple HR and payroll systems and implementing Dayforce, a single HCM solution from Ceridian.

Dayforce Onboarding has enabled ATI Physical Therapy to onboard nearly 2,500 new hires this year. In addition, it has been able help HR team members decrease the administrative work and branch managers to save time, which they have reallocated to business operations and delivering patient care, according to a media release from Ceridian.

“We are thrilled with how Dayforce has saved our HR teams and branch managers up to 200 hours a year in administrative procedures and redundant paperwork,” says Christina Trainor, senior HRIS manager, ATI Physical Therapy, in the release. “Our employees now feel more empowered and engaged, enabling them to focus on what matters most – our patients.”

“Congratulations to ATI Physical Therapy and Christina Trainor for being selected for the 2018 Ventana Research Digital Leadership Award in Human Capital Management, and for their work with Ceridian to provide a solution that best meet the needs of their entire workforce, states Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research.

“We applaud ATI Physical Therapy, and Christina Trainor, for providing their workforce with innovative tools and technology designed to support a culture of workplace excellence,” adds Ted Malley, chief revenue officer, Ceridian.

“Dayforce makes work life better for our customers by providing innovative HCM solutions to help transform workplace culture and enhance the employee experience,” he adds.

[Source(s): Ceridian, Business Wire]