KRG Capital Fund IV LP announces that its sale of its portfolio company ATI Physical Therapy to Advent International is now complete.

KRG partnered with ATI Physical Therapy for the second time in December 2012 after previously supporting the company from late 2005 through 2010. During this period, the number of ATI Physical Therapy clinics expanded from 200 to 500 in 19 states, explains a media release from KRG.

“We are very pleased with our outcome and believe ATI is poised to continue its impressive track record as the industry leader in outpatient rehabilitation,” says Steve Neumann, a partners with KRG Capital, in the release.

“The partnership with KRG positioned the company well to establish the leading brand and platform within the physical therapy industry,” states ATI Physical Therapy CEO Dylan Bates, per the release.

“The ATI team is excited about its new partnership with Advent and looks forward to continuing on its current path of building a special healthcare services business,” Bates adds.

[Source(s): KRG, Business Wire]