Sports training provider Athletic Republic announces a partnership with physical therapy, fitness, health, and wellness products supplier WBC Group LLC, spurring an expansion into physical therapy clinics.

In addition to providing a more streamlined product selection and fulfillment process, the new partnership with WBC Group will also enable Athletic Republic to introduce a new training format to physical therapy clinics interested in extending sports training to athletes as part of preventative or rehabilitative services, according to a media release from Athletic Republic.

Along with the training services provided by Athletic Republic is the ACL Bridge program, which was conceived to help bridge the time between postop physical therapy and the conditioning required to return to sport.

“The ACL Bridge program is a big component of the training services being offered through our new training clinic format, and we’re excited to bring our offering to the physical therapy and chiropractic communities through our partnership with WBC Group,” states Athletic Republic CEO, Charlie Graves, in the release.

WBC Vice President Steven Copperman articulated the following regarding WBC Group’s decision to partner with Athletic Republic: “Across our business segments, we began to recognize a growing trend where our clinic operators are extending their therapy practices with sports training. We felt that Athletic Republic’s documented expertise, flexible physical format, and science-based approach to helping each athlete achieve their goals was the right fit for our Physical Therapy and Chiropractic customers looking to expand their services.”

[Source(s): Athletic Republic, PRWeb]