The Strideway gait analysis system, new from Tekscan Inc, features a modular design that enables therapists to add to its length whenever their needs change.

Information the Strideway walkway provides for a comprehensive analysis of a patient’s gait includes kinetic, temporal, and spatial gait parameters, as well as pressure and force data.

Additional features include a wider active area and a flush surface, which minimizes trip hazards and easily accommodates patients with mobility aids or gait dysfunctions.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Strideway to clinicians and researchers who can use the system to easily collect and analyze gait and pressure data. We’ve designed a truly modular solution that can be customized to fit any space, while still maintaining its quick and simple setup. We’ve removed potential gait interferences and expanded the active sensing area to accommodate most types of dysfunctional gait,” says Peter Gantchev, product manager, Medical division at Boston-headquartered Tekscan Inc, in a media release.

The Strideway system was recently introduced at the American Physical Therapy Combined Sections Meeting in San Antonio, where attendees “displayed overwhelming interest,” according to Bill Burns, regional sales manager, Medical division, at Tekscan.

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[Source: Tekscan Inc]