Smart Socks, paired with the recently introduced Sensoria Walk, are designed to help those with limited mobility track their activity and increase their recovery time.

Available from Sensoria Inc, the Smart Socks feature a pressure sensor technology infused directly into the socks, which connects to an electronic anklet. The anklet tracks step counting, speed, calories, altitude and distance, as well as cadence and foot landing technique as wearers walk and run, according to the company on its website.

When paired with the Sensoria Walk app, the socks monitor the user’s progress history, goals, and total activity time, according to a company media release.

“According to a 2013 research study published by the Mayo Clinic, there is a direct correlation between activity and faster recovery time,” says Davide Vigano, CEO and co-founder of Redmond, Wash-based Sensiria, in the release.

“However, most wrist worn wearable devices cannot accurately detect the activity of people with limited mobility, such as elderly patients or patients recovering from surgery or using a walker. Sensoria Walk aims to deliver a more accurate tool for patients and caregivers to track and evaluate their recovery process,” he adds.

The Sensoria Walk app is available for download from the App Store.

For more information, visit Sensoria Inc.

[Source: Sensoria]