Physical Therapy Pal (PT PAL) is a clinical HIPAA-compliant mobile application designed to document patient compliance and adherence to at-home treatment protocols as well as improve patient engagement. PT PAL creates a communication loop of information for physical therapists, clinics, and hospitals by providing documented evidence about patient adherence to physical therapist-prescribed treatment at home. As a result, payors and other stakeholders now have access to individual progress and patient population management. By documenting the patient experience, PT PAL data can be used for research, reimbursement, and statistics.

Naveen Khan, founder and CEO of PT PAL, says, “PT PAL is like having a physical therapist in your pocket, reminding patients to perform their PT-prescribed exercises and offering constant guidance on correct form and repetition. The results are enhanced recovery and speedier return-to-work or active lifestyles.

[Source: Physical Therapy Pal]