The International Spine & Pain Institute (ISPI) will host a pain conference for physical therapists June 20 to 22 in Minneapolis. According to a news release from OPTP, the ISPI 2014 Clinical Conference: PAIN offers attendees the opportunity to learn from experts in the field of pain, and is specifically designed for the clinician by providing each person with the knowledge needed to apply best-evidence research to their practice.
The OPTP news release notes that event participants will learn how to treat chronic pain from a number of experts, including: Eyal Lederman, Tim Flynn, Adriaan Louw, Ina Diener, Louie Puentedura, Steve Schmidt, Kory Zimney, and Galen Danielson. The event will feature keynote presentations, breakout lab sessions, and a lecture on Friday, June 20. Each is designed to provide the clinician with immediate clinical application to positively impact chronic pain patients.
The ISPI 2014 Clinical Conference: PAIN counts toward 13.5 hours of CEU credit, according to the OPTP news release. OPTP is the title sponsor for this event. For additional event information and registration details, visit
[Source: OPTP]