FlyteBike Portable Pedals, invented by Broadway actress Robin Palmer, is designed as an exercise device that one can use while sitting at a desk or during long flights.

“Simply pedaling with FlyteBike for a few minutes a couple of times a day gets people fit while they sit,” she says in a news release.

The pedaling device is made from lightweight aluminum, which does not conduct heat, and has the ability to fold flat for storage and easy carrying in its own bag. It also features a digital IoT Smart Pedal sensor and a tracking app for use with corporate wellness programs, healthcare discounts, and physical therapy.

FlyteBike has recently been chosen as the recipient of Mayo Clinic’s NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) certification. Research conducted at Mayo Clinic suggests that FlyteBike increased energy expenditure at 96 points higher than the 0 baseline of simply sitting. A standing desk, by comparison, is rated at only 23 points higher than the 0 baseline, per the release.

An Indiegogo crowdfunding is launching on August 15 to complete funding for the first large manufacturing run of the FlyteBike.

For more information, visit FlyteBike LLC.

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