GoNoodle is removing the paywall from its subscription program for teachers and opening up all of its premium content to classrooms and districts for free for educators, it announces.

Formerly known as GoNoodle Plus, this version of GoNoodle, called Educator, offers teachers videos, academically aligned games, curricular resources, guides, learning extensions, and question sets at no cost.

“Teachers are one of the unsung heroes of our society, as we have seen throughout the pandemic. By making all of our teacher tools free with the support of our partners, it aids them with as many resources as possible to help spark imagination in kids as they continue to learn, play, and grow.”

— KC Estenson, CEO of GoNoodle

GoNoodle Educator

Through GoNoodle Educator, teachers everywhere will have free access to 300+ extra movement and mindfulness videos, 10+ extra interactive, customizable movement-based games with corresponding question sets, and even more topic-based deep-dive guides (around STEAM, SEL for bullying prevention, starting the school year, and more) – so as to help make GoNoodle tools ever-more contextually useful to teachers’ existing lesson plans.

“Following an unprecedented school year, the lines between school and home have blurred. Educators see the need to have online tools that can make ‘school’ work in any location and lesson plans that work in any setting. These additional resources will help all of our amazing educators keep kids moving and help them grow and develop into happy humans who are academically proficient, emotionally secure, and resilient.”

— Marisa Gallagher, Chief Consumer Officer

Teachers can seamlessly weave GoNoodle’s academically-aligned videos, games, and curricular resources into their lesson plans in the classroom, in hybrid set-ups, or in full remote settings.

  • A fun place to start within this new expanded-pack of free resources is Body Spell. Utilizing kinesthetic learning, teachers can enter their spelling words into this popular game, featuring Blazer Fresh, as students spell their spelling words with their bodies.
  • Freeze It is perfect for lower grades and allows teachers to choose from academically aligned categories like multiplication, emotions, and geography.
  • Mega Math Marathon increases math fluency while students run in a virtual 26.2 mile marathon.

For teachers who have used Plus in the past, login for access to these new features will remain the same. For classrooms or teachers who have never had access to the Plus tools, create an account at GoNoodle.com. Sign-up for the Teacher newsletter to receive updates on new videos, tools, blog posts as they’re added – and sign-up for early access to an upcoming beta coming this fall and early winter. 

[Source(s): GoNoodle, PRWeb]

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