FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers is continuing their partnership with Meals on Wheels America, the national leadership organization supporting community-based programs across the U.S. dedicated to addressing senior isolation and hunger. In honor of both National Physical Therapy Month and PT Day of Service (Saturday, October 8), FYZICAL PTs are working to provide services locally that will culminate in a global impact.

“Partnering with Meals on Wheels America helps continue our service to at-risk seniors within our communities across the country,” said Brian Belmont, CEO of FYZICAL. “Volunteers for Meals on Wheels are key to fostering senior independence at home and minimizing fall risk and related tragedies.”

PT Day of Service was initiated in 2012 to encourage physical therapists around the world to participate in service projects and opportunities within their communities. FYZICAL recognizes the importance of holistically healing its patients within the clinic, as well as in the greater locality.

“We’re proud to have Meals on Wheels America as our national charitable partner,” explained Kelsey McShane, Communications Manager at FYZICAL. “We enjoy partnering with them. Meals on Wheels has local organizations throughout the country; they’re virtually serving every community.”

While therapists at FYZICAL clinics work to help patients regain mobility and independence, moving outside their clinic allows them to impact those who may need a bit more help in their community, McShane added.

“My parents were married for 62 years, and after my mom passed away, my father was by himself,” explained Connie Mattis, Corporate Controller for FYZICAL. “A neighbor connected him with Meals on Wheels, and the volunteers brought him a hot meal every day. Not only was he able to eat healthily, but he also had someone who loved him and was devoted to helping him stay well and connected to his community. I really can’t say enough about the impact Meals on Wheels had on him.”

Mattis added that she has since had opportunities to volunteer with Meals on Wheels through FYZICAL and is both impressed by the program and incredibly devoted to the cause.

“PT Day of Service is one day where everyone in the physical therapy community can get involved. At FYZICAL, we would really like to continue that initiative beyond one day,” McShane explained. “We won’t limit our service to just what we do in the clinics or a single day of volunteering; we want to continue giving back and supporting our patients and our neighbors throughout the country, let’s keep the momentum going.”

[Source(s): FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, PRWeb]