Digital therapeutics company Kaia Health announces results from its ongoing Rise-uP randomized controlled trial (RCT), demonstrating that its musculoskeletal (MSK) solution reduces costs by 80% when compared with standard-of-care treatments.

The multicenter trial results involved an examination of claims data from 1,237 patients with low back pain followed over a 12-month period. Investigators report that medical claims costs for the patients using the Kaia Health solution as part of a therapy program for patients with non-specific low back pain were 80% lower, compared with claims costs in the control group receiving standard-of-care therapy typically prescribed by physicians.

“The results of this randomized controlled trial, the largest of its kind for the digital musculoskeletal (MSK) industry, are revolutionary and have the potential to truly transform how health plans, employers, and providers view the untapped potential of digital MSK solutions moving forward.

“The Kaia Health team is excited to bring to market a solution that is clinically validated to deliver high-quality care at significantly reduced cost to both the health plan and the patient. We believe this is a phenomenal achievement and a watershed moment for the future of MSK care.”

— Nigel Ohrenstein, who recently joined Kaia Health as president

Kaia Health’s mission is to democratize care, helping the overwhelming majority of patients gain access to the highest quality and most effective personal health services possible. Offering pioneering motion analysis technology, the company is transforming the industry, delivering cost-saving, clinically validated MSK care delivered simply and seamlessly through the camera of a smartphone at any time, and from anywhere.

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