ATI Physical Therapy announces that it has expanded its Workers’ Compensation and Auto Personal Injury program offerings in its headquarter state of Illinois, and nationwide.

The expansion comes at a time when the need for these specialty care services continues to grow. More Americans are returning to the workplace, the demand for older and potentially lesser-skilled workers is increasing, and more people are commuting again after the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. By expanding its Workers’ Compensation and Auto Personal Injury offerings, ATI aims to meet this increased demand by getting people back to work and to daily life safely, quickly and efficiently.

“We know from pre- and post-pandemic data that the need for these services is on the rise. By expanding our Workers’ Compensation and Auto Personal Injury program in Illinois, we are prioritizing the delivery of a consistent, predictable program for these patients and our business partners at scale,” said Lucas Myers, ATI Director of Commercial Channel Development. “As we did previously in Texas, this continued expanded investment in Illinois demonstrates our commitment to not just helping more people get back to health, but to also better serving our partners who work with these patients. We expect this will also provide a springboard for us to further expand these programs nationally.”

ATI Physical Therapy has approximately 180 clinics in Illinois, making it the Company’s most densely covered state. Of those, 27 clinics in the Chicagoland area and nine more in Central/Southern Illinois will be designated as “hub” clinics, offering full-service Work Conditioning & Work Hardening. Twenty-four of the hubs will offer Functional Capacity Evaluations, in addition to the acute care services offered at all clinics. The Company has also added more team members dedicated to patient intake, scheduling, case management and billing when working with business partners such as attorneys, nurse case managers, physicians, healthcare networks and other patient referrers.

Founded 25 years ago with roots in treating injured workers, ATI is further investing in an important part of its heritage. Collectively, ATI’s Workers’ Compensation and Auto Personal Injury programs are designed to safely get injured workers and motorists back to their best physical condition, reducing lost time on the job, lost earnings and time away from their life’s passions.

“We are proud to provide greater access and a higher level of service with the right level of care for even more patients,” said Sharon Vitti, ATI Chief Executive Officer. “With increased investments in Illinois, Texas and other states to come, we are excited and committed to delivering an outstanding experience and outcomes to more Workers’ Compensation and Auto Personal Injury patients nationwide.”

[Source(s): ATI Physical Therapy, PR Newswire]