Athletico Physical Therapy has reached a significant growth milestone since its founding in 1991 — the opening of its 500th new clinic, located in the Westport neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri.

“Every Athletico employee has played a key role in reaching this significant milestone,” says Ron Rodgers, CEO of Athletico Physical Therapy, in a media release announcing the milestone.

“Athletico has a tremendous culture and we’re guided by a patient-centric approach, meaning everyone in the organization, from our clinicians to support staff and leadership, are fully invested in each patient’s recovery. Our patients have given us their trust, and Athletico has grown as a result,” he adds.

Athletico’s 500th clinic, located in the Westport neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri. (Image courtesy of Athletic Physical Therapy.)

In 1991, Mark Kaufman founded Athletico Physical Therapy as a one-clinic organization that also offered athletic training services to a local Chicago high school and rugby club. Today, Athletico has clinics in 12 states and more than 5,000 employees, with clinicians specializing in an array of service lines, such as back pain, balance and vestibular rehabilitation, women’s health, athletic training, and dry needling, among many others.

Another contributor to its growth is the offer of a free assessment, a 30-minute evaluation where clinicians recommend treatment options and, for certain ailments, are able to begin treatment immediately. Athletico recently invested in the technology to provide this service virtually as well, through a patient’s smartphone, tablet, or computer, per the release

“As we innovate, accelerate Athletico’s already impressive growth and expand our range of therapeutic services, improving patient outcomes will remain our number-one priority,” Rodgers shares. “We’re constantly looking for ways to make it easier for patients to access physical therapy as the first defense against pain, as this allows them to begin treatment sooner and reach their recovery goals faster.”

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[Source(s): Athletico Physical Therapy, PR Newswire]