The IsoSlide is an isokinetic exerciser designed to slide up and down the wall to provide accommodating resistance in a therapy or a home setting.

The inventor, biomechanist Steve Friederang, credits the simple and inexpensive technology with faster and more permanent clinical outcomes, and cites his background as a swim coach with the vision for the “slide.”

“Unlike bands and gravity-based exercise, isokinetics accommodates resistance over the whole range of motion (ROM). In swimming, for example, we have a need to balance the shoulder rotators. We also need to strengthen every movement, both force and contralateral, at every joint segment, from ankles to core to wrists. Isokinetics is similar to what a good swimmer does, holding water pressure in each stroke, from the catch to the release.”

Attaches to a Wall or Door

The IsoSlide attaches to a wall with two screws or a door with a ratcheting strap. The unit has a single simple adjuster that allows for any level up and down the wall to adapt to individual height and exercise. The dual strap allows for exercises such as the leg press and chest fly. Straight bars allow for pull-downs, core twists, and bicep curls. Ankle straps work on wrists. Hip and chest straps allow for lunges and squats.

According to Friederang, even aerobic exercise is possible because the machine adapts without adjusting the resistance.

“One of our thousand movies shows 40 exercises in ten minutes as the subject changes each fifteen seconds through a routine. We were just showing off, but it demonstrates that isokinetics is a unique, versatile way to improve movement.”

Because the resistance automatically changes to reflect the force provided by the patient, exercises are more precise. Patients are far less likely to arch the back while performing bench presses or arm curls or tweak their spine when doing shoulder presses.

And there is no need to stop and adjust the pin. Because there is very limited eccentric contraction, injury and soreness are far reduced. Because this is all done on one 9-inch machine, there is only one machine to clean. A whole gym of exercises can be done in a very small area, according to IsoSlide.

For more information, and to view YouTube Videos showing various exercises for every joint segment or in combined real world movements, visit IsoSlide.