Teeter releases the TeeterBell Multi-Grip Weight and Workout Series, a low-impact cardio and toning program designed to build strength, increase the heart rate, and maintain joint health – all at the same time.

The TeeterBell program includes three workouts guided by a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist designed to help build balance, strength and coordination for overall functional, healthy movement. Users can control the pace and intensity of their workouts no matter their fitness level.

“This is a program everyone can do to get moving and build strength,” says CEO Rylie Teeter. “By changing up your grip, speed, range of motion, rhythm, and intensity, you can easily perform an endless variety of cardio and strengthening exercises without ever getting bored.”

The TeeterBell features an ergonomic design with seven gripping points that allows users to control their movement while combining the benefits of fitness equipment such as the dumbbell, barbell, Kettlebell, and medicine ball into one tool that maximizes efficiency, time, and space, according to the company in a media release.

For more information, visit Teeter.

[Source(s): Teeter, PR Newswire]