IncludeHealth has won RRY Publication’s 3rd Annual Sports Medicine Technology Award. This is the 25th award for health, technology, and design that the digital health and wellness company has achieved since its conception in 2006.

The award recognizes the Cincinnati-based company’s The Include Platform, which pairs cloud-based software with rehabilitation equipment to produce capabilities in physical medicine, rehabilitation, and wellness. These capabilities include outcomes-based data, automated documentation, cloud collaboration, inclusivity, and more, according to a news release.

The Include Platform comprises The IncludeCloud, an HIPAA-compliant platform that features exercises and workouts available in standing, seated, and wheelchair modes that can be customized and scheduled for the specific user’s needs.

It also features The Access Strength, a functional trainer with cloud technology, as well as rotating arms and adjustable handles.

Once workout and information are saved and scheduled in the IncludeCloud, the information is sent to The Access Strength. In addition, everything performed on The Access Strength is automatically captured and available to review as an individual workout or a progress report, the company notes on its website.

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to introduce our product and platform to the world, and are humbled that it’s been well received since our founding idea back in 2006,” says Ryan Eder, founder and CEO of IncludeHealth, in the release.

“While we are proud of these health, wellness, technology, and design awards, we remain dedicated to delivering care more efficiently and effectively than ever before.”

In other news, IncludeHealth announces that Eric Huppi has joined the company as chief operating officer to build and grow its footprint in the orthopedic, physical therapy, and general wellness industries.

Huppi was most recently director of sales logistics at Zimmer Biomet. Prior to that, he was regional director of operations for Zimmer.

“Eric Huppi’s passion for innovation and pushing the boundaries in care across the continuum is infectious,” Elder adds in a separate news release.

“I believe in the organization’s mission to deliver care more efficiently and effectively than ever before,” Huppi shares. “I focused my career on doing my part to help the American healthcare industry, for the betterment of the future.”

[Source: IncludeHealth]