Innovative X-Bandsions LLC releases the Hand X Band Trainer, which is specifically developed with a lighter resistance level to serve physical and occupational therapy patients.

The Hand X Band is designed to exercise the extensors—the muscles that help open one’s hand. According to the product’s website, it exercises the abductors to one’s grip’s adductors, the antagonist muscles to one’s grip’s agonists.

Ailments that can be rehabilitated via the Hand X Band Trainer include repetitive motion disorders, such as medial and lateral epicondylitis (golfers’ and tennis elbow, respectively), and arthritis.

Todd Michener, MD, a practicing orthopedic surgeon in Chester County, Pa, states in a media release from the Exton, Pa-based company that, “I have found Hand X Band to be an excellent option for the treatment of lateral epicondylitis. It serves as an alternative way to even out the muscle imbalances in the elbow through eccentric strengthening exercises of the extensors, subsequently promoting blood flow to the area of interest which then stimulates a healing environment for the degenerative process.”

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