ActivBody announces the launch of Activforce, a digital dynamometer platform designed to increase clinician access to precise data, creating a more streamlined and efficient experience with manual muscle testing.

Paired with the Activ5 force measurement device, Activforce allows clinicians the ability to gain precise, objective data during manual muscle testing, and transfer the data in real time to the application and dashboard. Activforce tests, measures, and tracks strength changes, and compiles the data into comprehensive patient reports that can be personalized and managed in the dashboard.

Through the customizable tests feature and preset manual muscle testing protocols of the Activforce platform, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and other clinicians can evaluate muscle strength pre and post-operatively, measure left/right strength symmetry, test endurance of specific muscle groups, and measure and track peak muscle force and force over time according to ActivBody in a media release.

“We believe Activforce will help increase efficiency, giving clinicians objective data in the palm of their hands,” says ActivBody CEO, Dan Stevenson, in the release. “Clinicians and patients will be able to track strength gains along the rehabilitation continuum, which is valuable for patient motivation and tracking and measuring progress.”

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[Source: ActivBody]