SyncThink announces that the University of Texas’ athletic sports medicine staff will now begin employing the EYE-SYNC concussion solution technology on the sidelines during the Longhorns’ sports programs, including Texas football.

The tool will be used as part of the sports program’s baseline screening and concussion management protocol, and will be available for on-field evaluations and in the locker rooms for return-to-practice/play decisions.

“We are thrilled to work with The University of Texas,” says Scott Anderson, chief customer officer at Palo Alto, Calif-based SyncThink and the former director of athletic training at Stanford University, in a media release.

“It is clear they are leading the way in terms of providing top notch care for their student athletes, and we look forward to our EYE-SYNC solution expanding on that by providing them with key insights to measure, identify, and resolve disorientation in order to ensure a safe return to practice and play,” he adds.

EYE-SYNC combines a modified virtual reality goggle and eye tracking technology to objectively evaluate impairments associated with concussion, such as ocular-motor synchronization deficits and vestibular balance dysfunction. The cloud-connected and HIPAA-compliant solution can then deliver a patient’s results to a consulting clinician in an instant.

Sports programs currently incorporating the EYE-SYNC technology are Iowa State University and Stanford University, with others to follow in the future, according to SyncThink in the release.

[Source: SyncThink]