Warrenville, Ill-based Patterson Medical markets the Rolyan Smart Handle, built to provide real-time feedback of force exerted and reps completed. The product is designed to offer users measurement, motivation, goals, and limitations to therapy with the band.

A digital display shows effort in pounds or kilograms and can be used for reimbursement documentation, according to the company website. Users can enter reps and a target force as minimum/maximum threshold for exertion and range of motion for safer, more effective exercises. The product is intended to motivate patients by providing immediate feedback in a value they can relate to and that defines progress, the site says.

Rolyan Smart Handle and Rolyan Smart Handle Pro each include two Handles, Extremity Loop, Door Anchor, Carrying Case and USB Charger. Pro version features Bluetooth transmission capability.

For more information visit www.pattersonmedical.com

[Source: Patterson Medical]