The Original Posture Medic, available through Advantage Medical, Bolingbrook, Ill, is designed to improve posture, allowing users to stretch, strengthen, and stabilize. According to the company’s website, the product is specifically engineered to assist individuals in overcoming poor posture habits and retraining the body to stand up straight with an easy “Stretch-Strengthen-Stabilize” program.

The site notes that the Posture Medic can be used for a short and simple 10-minute stretch and strengthen program intended to improve range of motion and upper body strength.

By wearing the Posture Medic as a dynamic brace, the site says users can retrain their body to maintain the ideal position: head up, straighter back and neck, an open chest, and shoulders back and down.

There is also a Plus version of the product, built to have twice the strength of the original and accommodate individuals who strength train or are athletes.

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[Source: Advantage Medical]