In the book, Heal Your Pain Now, Joe Tatta, DPT, CNS, suggests that one’s body can rid itself of chronic pain naturally—and he provides a step-by-step process by which to do so.

According to Tatta in a media release, one’s body has built-in tools to help heal chronic pain, and understanding how one’s brain handles pain, and the influence of inflammation on pain, may help propel a patient on the road to healing.

Among the topics are how one’s emotions can trigger pain, and how fear and stress can cause it to linger; the link between diet and pain; how opioids contribute to a lower quality of life; five signs that one is experiencing Sedentary Syndrome; and how to reduce inflammation.

Bonus gifts for ordering include the document “The Healing Pain Quick Start Guide” and the book, Anti-Inflammatory and Gut Healing Recipes.

Heal Your Pain Now is available on Amazon.

[Source: Joe Tatta, CPT, CNS]