Armedica Manufacturing Corp, based in Greenwood, Ark, markets Electric Platform Mount Parallel Bars that are designed to be height adjustable from 26 to 48 inches.

Per the company’s website, the parallel bars feature a digital display on the control panel that shows the exact bar height. Four separate bar-height settings can be stored in the microprocessor control unit’s memory and recalled for future use. The bar width is adjusted manually.

The stainless steel handrails on the three-section slimline lifting columns provide lateral stability in the highest bar position.

The laminated platform is designed to be slip resistant, and the unit offers a 400-pound weight capacity.

The platform bars are available in either 7- or 15-foot lengths in 43-inch widths with 29 inches between columns; or in a 10-foot length and 46-inch width, with 32 inches of clearance between columns.

For more information, contact Armedica Manufacturing Corp.

[Source(s): Armedica Manufacturing Corp,]