Guardian Athletics introduces the Kato Collar, designed for use by football players to help enhance their safety during game play and help reduce concussion injuries.

The Kato Collar is positioned behind the neck and attaches to the inside of a player’s shoulder pads. It features a patented two-stage deceleration process with impact absorption pads and a collar that flexes.

The aim is to slow down a player’s head upon impact to keep the brain from reaching an extreme point of acceleration during which injuries could occur, according to the company in a media release from the Mankato, Minn-based company.

“There is a lack of protective gear for football that properly addresses the frequency, severity, and recovery times tied to head and neck injuries. As a result, the fear of concussions and other head injuries is preventing athletes of all ages from playing football,” says Jeff Chambers, founder of Guardian Athletics and certified athletic trainer for 35 years, in the release.

“We designed Kato Collar to give players confidence in their safety and technique to let them play the game they love.”

According to the release, designers of the Kato Collar suggest that it’s design could help decelerate the brain after impact by up to 30% and reduce the forces that are believed to cause concussions. It is also designed to prevent burners and stingers, reportedly a common injury among football players.

“At Guardian Athletics, we believe the game can become safer through innovations such as Kato Collar, as well as placing a greater emphasis on neck strength, and teaching proper blocking and tackling techniques,” states Dave Norris, director of operations, Guardian Athletics. “These are fundamental to protecting players and helping restore confidence in the game.

The Kato Collar is compatible with most adult-sized Large and above shoulder pads, according to the company.

[Source(s): Guardian Athletics, PRWeb]