Kaia Health launches the Kaia Personal Trainer, a full-body virtual personal trainer designed to track exercises, create personalized fitness plans, count reps, and provide real-time audio feedback using just a smartphone.

The Kaia Personal Trainer app, developed with physiotherapists and fitness experts, combines AI-powered motion tracking technology and personalized training to offer a customized full-body workout featuring a variety of exercises, including the side plank, bridge and reverse crunch.

To activate Kaia Personal Trainer, users need only to stand 7 feet away from their smartphone camera and begin exercising with video instructions. The app tracks physical activity with a 16-point system that compares the metrics of actual movement against ideal movement, including the relative positions of limbs and joints, and the angles between them.

Kaia Personal Trainer counts the number of reps and provides users with instant, personalized real-time audio feedback, advice, and encouragement to improve fitness and performance, a media release from Kaia Health explains.

All relevant body parts and muscle groups are covered, including the lower back, core, glutes, and hamstrings. The AI-powered motion tracking technology also adjusts the difficulty level and exercise based on the user’s feedback.

“Kaia Personal Trainer is a full-body workout in your pocket. It uses tech to offer you the experience of a personal trainer anywhere, with real-time performance metrics – without the expensive personal trainer fees. The app puts users in control of their exercise performance with a virtual personal trainer which accompanies their every step. This fosters more intimate connections, establishing a relationship by becoming a part of their everyday routine and integrating with their fitness goals,” says Maximilian Strobel, Head of AI Lab at Kaia Health, in the release.

Commenting on the unique technology behind the Kaia Personal Trainer, Achilleas Georgiadis, principle deep learning engineer at Kaia Health, adds, “Up until now, specialized hardware like a Microsoft Kinect was required to track the human body. We remove the need for costly hardware using advanced Deep Learning and Machine Learning algorithms and optimized them for mobile. This enables us to track the human body in real time using only the hardware of the smartphone – hence democratizing access at no additional cost.”

The app is available on smartphones and tablets (iOS 12 only) and can be downloaded via the Apple App Store. The technology will be released on Android in Q2 2019, according to the company.

For more information, visit Kaia Health.

[Source: Kaia Health]