Gillette Physical Therapy, located in Gillette, Wyoming, is the first provider to buy the recently FDA-approved Game Ready Med4 Elite device, according to a media announcement from Game Ready.

The Med4 Elite device features four options in one—iceless cold therapy, heat therapy, rapid contrast (alternating heat and cold) therapy, and intermittent pneumatic compression therapy—and a compact but powerful footprint, to help treat a wide variety of injuries and stages of rehabilitation, according to Game Ready in a media release.

“We are proud to be one of the first physical therapy clinics in the world to buy the new Med4 Elite by Game Ready,” says Randal Hite, MPT, CSCS, SCS at Gillette Physical Therapy, in the release.

“Our clinic is a leader in orthopedic rehab and sports performance, and this innovative and revolutionary device will be an integral part of achieving our desired clinical outcomes faster and more effectively for our patients and athletes. We have been using Game Ready technology for years with great results and are looking forward to Med4 Elite delivery day.”

[Source; Game Ready]