DonJoy Performance, the consumer division of DJO Global Inc, introduces the Protection On Demand (POD) Ankle Brace, designed to protect against ankle roll and other common ankle injuries.

Unlike taping, the POD allows freedom of movement, adjustability, and stability without breaking down. DonJoy also notes in a media release that the brace is 30% lighter than the average ankle brace.

Other features include soft EVA lining, a low profile cuff, and adjustable underfoot closure.

The POD Ankle brace, available in black or white, can be worn on one weak ankle for support or on both ankles to help reduce injury risk.

“DonJoy Performance is committed to helping athletes stay healthy and injury-free so they can keep playing the sports they love. Through use of the POD Ankle Brace, athletes who participate in sports like soccer, lacrosse, football, and basketball can play with confidence, limiting the worry of turning or rolling their ankles from aggressive moves,” says Charlie Setzler, GM of DonJoy Performance, in the release.

For more information, visit DonJoy Performance.

[Source(s): DJO Global Inc, Business Wire]