Iron foundry Cadillac Casting is reportedly one of the first companies in America to provide free cryotherapy sessions as a benefit for its employees, to help them recover from the physical demands of their jobs, according to Impact Cryotherapy.

As a free employee benefit, the company is providing its 400 employees and their spouses unlimited access to sessions in an Impact Cryotherapy Cryosauna that is operated by Pine Grove Athletic Club in Cadillac, Mich.

Cryosaunas are engineered to use cold temperatures to promote natural healing and wellness. The treatments direct controlled applications of temperatures down to -250 degrees Fahrenheit, notes a media release from Impact Cryotherapy.

After experiencing Impact Cryotherapy sessions himself, Dan Minor, chairman of the board of Cadillac Casting, determined that cryosauna treatments should be available to his employees at no cost.

“There are numerous benefits of cryotherapy,” Minor shares in the release. “Impact Cryotherapy equipment is so beneficial to professional and collegiate athletes, why not make it available to the industrial employee? It was just the right thing to do.”

In response, Chad Finnegan, vice president of business development for Impact Cryortherapy, states that Minor is helping “bring cryotherapy and wellness to the front lines of the day-to-day aches and pains of working Americans.”

“If our production workers feel healthier, and feel better about themselves, then our productivity should increase,” Minor adds. “We’re trying to think outside the box here.”

[Source(s): Impact Cryotherapy, Business Wire]