Breg Flex, a new mobile health solution from Breg Inc, is designed to help facilitate and improve patients’ at-home recovery following orthopedic surgery.

The solution features a chargeable Bluetooth wireless sensor worn by patients to track their progress with prescribed physical therapy exercises, as well as an interative mobile app that guides patients through their exercises with video demonstrations.

The sensor and mobile app track the patient’s real-time range-of-motion information, and shares it with the patient’s healthcare providers, allowing exercise protocols to be changed, as needed, according to a media release from Carlsbad, Calif-based Breg Inc.

Additional features include a patient dashboard, a gamified experience, objective data capture, and secure in-app messaging.

“From our bracing solutions, to our orthopedic practice management tools, Breg’s ultimate mission has always been to lower the cost and improve care quality over the entire orthopedic episode,” says Brad Lee, president and CEO of Breg, Inc, in the release. “That’s why we’re so pleased to introduce Breg Flex to the market.”

Source(s): Breg Inc, PR Newswire]