Biodex Medical Systems Inc, headquartered in Shirley, NY, has announced the addition of the VibroTactile System to its balance line of physical medicine devices. The VibroTactile System is offered as an option for the Biodex Balance System SD or portable BioSway.

A company news release reports that once incorporated into the Balance System SD or portable BioSway, the VibroTactile System is built to offer the capability to provide a third sense to postural sway biofeedback. By using wireless technology, the tactile belt responds with a vibrating sensation when the patient sways outside the therapist-set parameters.

Vibrotactile cueing is intended to improve balance rehabilitation by directly engaging the motor-learning system, reinforcing brain plasticity—this provides sensory enrichment to therapy tasks.

The VibroTactile System is made to serve as a means to providing balance feedback with the eyes closed. It can accommodate evaluation and treatment of vestibular disorders, and its vibrotactile cueing allows patients to receive positional feedback with their eyes closed, providing a method to enhance postural control.

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[Source: Biodex Medical Systems Inc]