The Aqua Elliptica, described as an elliptical hybrid catamaran stand-up paddleboard, is designed to enable a cardiovascular workout similar to walking on water.

It features two portable floating pontoons, provide a steady platform, as well as an anodized aluminum frame. The steering device handles are connected to the rudder via a flexible drive shaft and differential gear system. Via the Venturi propulsion system and combined retractable propeller, the Aqua Elliptica can propel on water up to speeds of 7 nautical miles (10 mph).

Aqua Elliptica is for everyone, sports enthusiasts, and even those with arthritis and joint problems,” says Uriel Arad, its inventor, in a media release. “It can be used on any open water—lakes, marinas, rivers, and even the mild ocean surf.”

[Source(s): Aqua Elliptica, PRWeb]