SCIFIT, headquartered in Tulsa, Okla, recently announced that it is introducing three new seat options, including a premium reclining seat, to replace the former standard bucket seat on its comprehensive line of exercise equipment, made to be especially suited to the medical market. The new options, according to a company news release, aim to provide users more ways to adjust for an accommodating, comfortable, and customized fit during exercise.

The release notes that along with a 23-degree reclining range of motion, the new premium seat features 360-degree swivel designed to lock at each 90-degree angle for safety. The product is also built to provide a broader, 4.5-inch seat-height range that adjusts from 18.5 to 23 inches to accommodate a greater variety of body types. The release states that the seat adjusts forward and back on the company’s proprietary, level monorail, with no sloping action to prevent unintentional motion and to enhance control.

Larry Born, CEO, SCIFIT, emphasizes that the company strives to build equipment that adjusts to people.

“By meeting people where they are and giving them a comfortable fit, our equipment helps people stay motivated to keep progressing toward their medical and health goals,” Born says in the release.

The release adds that nonreclining standard and bariatric versions of the new seat, with forward and backward adjustability only, are also available. Designed to be the same width as the legacy option, the three options feature nonslip upholstery and a custom shape that is angled under the user’s thighs to reduce hamstring interference during exercise.

SCIFIT’s new seat options are also intended to provide additional convenience to physical therapists and trainers. The premium, standard, and bariatric seats feature 360-degree Therapist Assist Pedals, designed to allow therapists and trainers to adjust the seat forward or back from any point where they are standing around the equipment to assist the client. Seat adjustment levels can also be reached from both sides for easy access. Additionally, an integrated handle on the seat back is engineered to ease seat removal on products with direct wheelchair access.

The premium seat holds up to 450 pounds, the release says, while the standard and bariatric options hold up to 500 and 600 pounds, respectively.

[Source: SCIFIT]