Scheduled to broadcast Q2/2022, an upcoming episode of the award-winning television series, Advancements with Ted Danson, will focus on innovations in sports medicine and activewear.

The show will examine the pain associated with injuries in running and walking as it relates to heel strike. Viewers will learn about conventional athletic shoes, which fight against the body by pushing on the heels of the foot. The segment will educate about the science behind footwear and will explore how Sports Medicine the DIFFERENCE Inc is using evidence-based science and technology to reinvent high performance athletics.

Audiences will hear from experts in the field and will discover how the DIFFERENCE’s Heelless Technology (HT) Running Shoe eliminates heel strike.

“All human beings are athletes in their own nature, at their own level. Any human being who can stand, who can walk, who can run, can wear these shoes and that is the DIFFERENCE.”

— Dr. Etienne Penka, Founder & Inventor, Heeless Technology

Heelless Athletic Shoe

Spectators will also learn how the Heelless Athletic Shoe (US patent No. 5,496.706 and US D889.786 S) is designed to match the functional anatomy of the foot and the use of the foot in proper mechanics.

“The HT sneakers let your feet and legs work the way they’re supposed to, providing better stability and balance, without heel strike. We are excited to share this information with viewers.”

— Tamara Phillips, producer for the Advancements series

[Source(s): DMG Productions, PRWeb]