TapeTuesday, a new online informational series introduced by Performance Health Academy, focuses on kinesiology taping tips and research.

Presenters during the series include experts in the fields of physical therapy, chiropractic, and athletic training. Research includes studies on the effectiveness of taping.

“Like most hot topics in the news, there is a lot of misinformation intermingled with good information out there. The objective of our TapeTuesday series is to get the best information on taping methods and research into the practitioner’s hands in an easily accessible and immediately implementable format,” explains Phil Page, global director of research and education at Performance Health, in a media release from the company.

“We’re aiming to make this a one-stop resource on kinesiology tape,” he adds.

For more information or to subscribe to the series, visit TapeTuesday.

[Source: Performance Health Academy]