Ultra Athlete LLC, DBA Ultra Ankle, and Tandem Sport have entered into a partnership agreement to accelerate growth for both companies in the fast-growing North American volleyball market. The new agreement will add the company’s renowned ankle brace product line to the extensive catalog of volleyball products carried by Tandem Sport. 

“Ultra Ankle is known for its technological advances in ankle brace designs, to provide superior support, without sacrificing performance,” said Rick Peters, President of Ultra Athlete. Peters added, “Tandem Sport has a tremendous reputation and is known in the volleyball community for its extensive distribution network in North America and its world-class customer service.” 

“We are excited to add Ultra Ankle to our lineup as the products are most definitely superior to other ankle braces,” said Anne Brown, President of Tandem Sport. Brown added, “Tandem Sport is known throughout North America as one of the premier brands in the volleyball and sporting goods markets. We have known the team for many years and recognize their constant product innovations, offering products that really protect athletes while not restricting their performance. Tandem’s endorsement of the brace in the volleyball and sporting goods market is a testament to the high quality of their product line.” 

[Source(s): Ultra Ankle, GlobeNewswire]

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