Sports medicine patient care and athlete management platform Empericus now features Health Language from Wolters Kluwer Health to accelerate healthcare data exchange.

Health Language solutions aims to strengthen the Empericus real-time Health Intelligence Platform, which provides a unified view of an athlete’s complete electronic health record and makes it easy to share with anyone granted access, per a media release from Wolters Kluwer.

“Our mission is to target and bridge the numerous chasms in healthcare resulting from lack of data and poor data collaboration, and Wolters Kluwer is an important partner in that endeavor. With Health Language, we are equipped to provide permissioned individuals, organizations, teams, leagues and schools and other athlete stakeholders with a comprehensive, unified view of all data affecting health and performance. Most importantly, it’s accessible in a way that each can make sense of and quickly act on.”

— Ron Pruitt, CEO and founder of Empericus

Using Microsoft Azure’s intelligent cloud, Empericus continuously ingests large amounts of data, such as electronic health records, lab results, stress test results, medication regimens and imaging interpretations. Readings from sensor-enabled devices such as wearables and physical training data are also integrated in the Health Intelligence Platform.

To provide an instantly understandable, visual user experience, Health Language Reference Data Management takes symptoms, observations, assessments and care plans, standardizes them and maps them to a visual representation of specific body parts/regions.

Providers can more easily search the Empericus platform using clinician terms using Clinical Interface Technology. Conversely, to better engage athletes and patients, complex medical jargon is translated by Health Language into simple, easy-to-understand terms.

Since up to 80% of health data exists in unstructured forms, Clinical Natural Language Processing ensures unstructured text in a patient’s clinical record, such as key problems and diagnoses, can be extracted and visualized on-screen, the release explains.

“We are excited to support Empericus in their pioneering quest to empower individuals with control of their healthcare data and facilitate a wholly new level of care coordination. Our solutions will enable the company to simplify management of vast amounts of data, in a way that impacts operational efficiencies and delivers value for both athletes and the clinicians taking care of them.”

— Karen Kobelski, General Manager of Clinical Surveillance, Compliance & Data Solutions at Wolters Kluwer

[Source(s): Wolters Kluwer, Business Wire]

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