Biodex Medical Systems Inc, Shirley, NY, announces that it has developed a new software update for its System 3 and 4 Multi-Joint System that helps manage hamstring injury risk.

Per a media release from the company, the update includes two test protocols: the Multiple Angle Comparison Test, which examines isometric flexion peak symmetry where the limb position puts the hamstring in a lengthened (stretched) state; and the Mixed H/Q Ratio Test, which uses a ratio of eccentric and concentric flexion peak torque.

Results from the tests, combined with established target outcomes, can be used for pre-emptive hamstring injury screening, managing rehabilitation, and determining readiness for return-to-play, the release continues.

The release notes that the software update is available to current owners of System 3 and 4 Multi-Joint Systems and comes standard on all new System 4 devices as well as reconditioned System 3 or 4 units.

Also, per the release, specific upgrade paths are associated with each system. Depending on the protocol being applied, a special knee attachment may be required.

For more information about the software, upgrade paths, attachments, or to receive the new update, visit Biodex Medical Systems Inc, call 800-224-6339, ext 2120, or email [email protected].

[Source: Biodex Medical Systems Inc]