BetterPT and PromptEMR announce a partnership to launch a business management system for PT clinics.

The solution is designed to allow PT clinics to improve their efficiency and grow profitability by optimizing operational workflows. It also enables clinics to secure qualified patient appointments and provide a seamless and enhanced patient experience.

BetterPT’s integrated digital healthcare platform provides patients with a direct point of entry to access quality PT that is in their local area, best fits their needs and accepts their insurance, then book appointments in real-time and securely transfer their information to the clinic’s care system. For clinics, BetterPT’s interoperable solution offers operational efficiencies, helping to cut down administrative burden and paperwork.

To complete PT clinic’s software optimization, PromptEMR provides a fully integrated solution that addresses the many inefficiencies present in clinics. Among other features, PromptEMR simplifies the documentation process, automates and streamlines complicated billing processes, and provides patients with visibility into their recovery, a media release from BetterPT explains.

We’re thrilled to partner with PromptEMR, a truly integrated physical therapy software, to provide a comprehensive, one price offering with a single interface to help clinics centralize and better manage their business, while also strengthening patients’ access to care, and saving valuable time for everyone involved,” says Greg Peters, CEO of BetterPT, in the release.

“We’re delighted to work with BetterPT to provide a unique, integrated solution for today’s modern PT practice, which allows clinics to grow their businesses by helping qualified patients find their practices, easily convert them to in-person office visits, efficiently on-board and process them, and ultimately focus greater time and energy on providing quality care to patients,” states Ray Baliatico, CEO of PromptEMR.

“The integration of BetterPT and PromptEMR has allowed me to have a fully-integrated, all-in-one product to run my entire practice in one system. The combined solution enables me to manage operations at a glance, reduce administrative burden, and free up time to focus on building my practice,” adds Lawrence Kim, PT, DPT, OCS of Edge Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, the release continues.

[Source(s): BetterPT, Business Wire]