MindMaze Healthcare has been granted Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Category III codes published by the American Medical Association (AMA) on November 1, 2021 and effective July 1, 2022 for the MindMotion GO.

Healthcare providers will now be able to submit claims with a code specifically describing services provided via the MindMotion GO tele-neurorehabilitation platform, facilitating additional rehabilitation for patients with stroke and neurological disease in the clinic and at home.

“The grant of these codes is a breakthrough milestone for MindMotion GO and MindMaze’s pipeline as a whole. We are particularly pleased that these new codes will allow therapists to bill for remote care. Neurological conditions are on the rise with devastating consequences on individuals, families and societies as a whole. These codes are an important step for the ecosystem and broaden access to our technology, enabling more people across America to get the treatment they deserve.”

— Tej Tadi, CEO of MindMaze

MindMotion GO, FDA-cleared and CE marked, uses interactive therapeutic games designed by therapists and based on neuroscience to help patients experiencing a neurological injury or condition, such as stroke, to rehabilitate and regain function. Combining serious games and AI-driven longitudinal performance data with the ability to be used along the continuum of care (in clinics, at hospitals, and at home), the platform allows clinicians and therapists to optimize the delivery and dose of care while facilitating larger patient volumes.

As therapy is gamified, patients are more engaged, demonstrating time-on-task that is multiple times more than traditional rehabilitation. The accompanying cloud platform enables remote assessments, therapy planning and efficient patient monitoring.

MindMotion GO is available at leading US institutions such as Johns Hopkins University Hospital and Mount Sinai Health System in New York City, as well as other leading centers globally. MindMaze’s internal team of therapists and engineers is available to facilitate the integration of the platform, products and services into a site’s clinical practice.

MindMotion GO is part of a broader set of MindMaze products and services designed to monitor and treat acquired and degenerative neurological diseases. MindMaze’s current and pipeline digital neuro-therapeutics solutions – holding two FDA clearances, six CE marks, and backed by over 70 patent families – address eight major neurological diseases as the company builds a universal platform for brain health and recovery.

[Source(s): MindMaze, PR Newswire]