This unique CPT add-on code facilitates reimbursement for evidence-based therapy performed by the GaitBetter digital neurotherapeutics platform.

GaitBetter, Rockville, Md, a digital neurotherapeutics company providing a state-of-the-art motor-cognitive virtual reality (VR) intervention for gait rehabilitation and fall prevention, announced the granting of a new Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Category III add-on code 0791T for its technology. The new GaitBetter CPT add-on code is used in conjunction with CPT code 97116 (Gait Training) and will become effective on July 1, 2023. Healthcare providers can submit claims with the new code when they perform a 15-minute gait training session in conjunction with the FDA-listed GaitBetter system. Any clinic providing and any patient requiring gait training could benefit immensely from this new CPT code. This includes, but is not limited to, patients with total knee replacement who experience gait impairment, post-acute or chronic neurological patients struggling with motor-cognitive function, or older adults with a history of falls.

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“As the owner of multiple physical therapy clinics and an active user of GaitBetter, I understand the importance of utilizing the most current and accurate coding for our patients’ treatments,” says Todd Mason, DPT, founder of Total Fitness Connection. “With the new CPT add-on code 0791T covering the use of GaitBetter during gait training (CPT 97116), we can ensure that our clinics receive the most appropriate reimbursement while also tracking and measuring the effectiveness of the treatment. I’m very excited about the opportunity to bring best practices to my neuro, ortho, and geriatric patients while also strongly differentiating my clinic.”

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Backed by more than eight clinical trials and 20 peer-reviewed publications, GaitBetter uses gamification and semi-immersive VR to simulate motor-cognitive challenges that patients experience in everyday life. Clinically proven to accelerate more positive outcomes and reduce falls by over 70%, GaitBetter’s innovative solution is designed to enable clinicians to tailor therapy intensity and specificity to the unique needs of their patients.

Harnessing AI-based gait tracking, patients play a fun and safe “game” as they see their feet movements projected into a VR environment displayed on a TV screen in front of them. Easily added to any treadmill, patients face virtual obstacles to improve gait while performing complex tasks requiring attention, memory, motor planning, and execution to enhance motor-cognitive skills. This innovative dual-tasking approach combined with gamified therapy aims to accelerate outcomes while keeping patients immersed, happy, and motivated.

With thousands of people benefiting in leading centers around the world, the company says its GaitBetter motor-cognitive rehabilitation system is ideal for use in inpatient settings, outpatient clinics, physical therapy clinics, senior centers, and senior living communities.