Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes Inc (FOTO) announces the development of new risk adjustment models for orthopedic conditions and pelvic floor conditions.

These models were developed to allow healthcare providers, patients, and payors to fairly compensate outcomes of care, in response to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services demand for more scientifically rigorous approaches to risk adjustment.

Within the new models are new categories to help factor in numerous variables that can influence the outcome of patient care and are beyond the clinician’s control. These include previous treatment, postsurgery type, use of medication, exercise habits, payor categories, and the relative influence of up to 30 comorbidities, per a media release from FOTO.

FOTO offers a webinar to help explain the risk adjustment models more thoroughly. The webinar is scheduled to take place either Thursday, April 27, from 12 pm to 12: 30 pm PDT, or Tuesday, May 2, from 9 am to 9: 30 am PDT.

[Source(s): Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes Inc, PRWeb]