OPTP announces the publication of Pain and Perception: A Closer Look at Why We Hurt, written by leading pain researchers G. Lorimer Moseley and Daniel S. Harvie.  

This visually stunning, fun and accessible read was written to help anyone better understand and respond to pain. The book asks: What can illusions teach us about pain? Is what we see, hear, and feel as simple as it appears to be? The modern science of perception has unearthed new ways to think about pain—as a multi-sensory and multi-factorial phenomenon.

Leading pain researchers Dan Harvie and Lorimer Moseley walk readers through the science by interacting with illusions that challenge peoples’ assumptions on how perception actually works.

The book is available in the US exclusively from OPTP. To learn more or to purchase, visit OPTP.com or call 800.367.7393. 

About the Authors

G. Lorimer Moseley, DSc, PhD, FAAHMS, FPMANZCA, FACP

An internationally acclaimed pain scientist, clinician and educator, G. Lorimer Moseley has authored more than 360 scientific articles and six books. He is an NHMRC Leadership Fellow, the Director of IIMPACT in Health at the University of South Australia and the CEO of Pain Revolution.

Daniel S. Harvie, PhD, M. Musc. Sports Physio., BPhty, (Hons), MACP

A pain scientist, physiotherapist and science communicator, Dr. Daniel Harvie is an NHMRC Research Fellow at the University of Australia, an adjunct Fellow at Menzies Health Institute Queensland, a two-time national innovation iAward recipient, an Australian Pain Society Education and Innovation Committee member, and a Pain Revolution contributor.