Harvard-trained pain specialist Aneesh Singla, MD, offers the book, Why It Hurts: A Physician’s Insights on the Purpose of Pain, which provides a physician’s point of view into why we feel pain, and what we should do about it.

Using examples of real-life patients from his work as a pain specialist at The Rockville Center of National Spine and Pain Centers, located in Rockville, Md, Singla takes a look at how one must balance one’s desire to “cure” every type of pain with the urgent need to manage the problem of chronic pain.

Topics covered in the book include: how aggressively one should treat pain; what is good pain versus bad pain; psychological pain and its bad relationship to physical pain; and finding the root cause of pain, such as sciatica or migraines.

Additional topics include: How to apply a methodological approach to pain management; pain is a transformative process that helps one learn and grow; how to set expectations around pain; and the value of pain.

“Although Why It Hurts is about pain, on a deeper level it is about resilience, healing, and growth,” Singla says, in a media release. “Pain helps reveal the root causes of what ails us. It is a highly developed alarm system the body uses to help us prevent further injury and properly attend to our underlying conditions.”

[Source: Smith Publicity Inc]