Powerdot, a mobile and wearable mobile stimulation device, is designed to link to Apple or Android smartphones to help users control their physical activity on the go.

The wireless, compact, and featherweight unit can be worn during any training or recovery activity. Via the Powerdot app, users can connect to their Bluetooth and choose between 10 preset programs, such as active recovery, strength, endurance, massage, and more.

The programs range from 5 to 46 minutes, and can be done pre, post, or during a workout.

“As more people depend on smartphones for convenient health and wellness support, we saw an opportunity to enter the market by bringing a previously inaccessible, yet highly effective, performance technology to consumers’ fingertips,” says Eric Glader, co-founder of Powerdot, in a media release.

“Through the launch of Powerdot, we hope to educate the public about the unparalleled benefits of e-stim, and elevate physical activity across the board.”

One pod (Uno) or two pods (Duo) are available.

[Source(s): Powerdot, PR Newswire]