Medicortex Finland Oy, based in Turku, Finland, announces on its website that it is developing a diagnostic tool based on biomarkers for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stroke.

The company notes on its website that it has begun the research to establish the biomarker, and to develop a diagnostic test that it says would reliably establish the severity and extent of brain injury.

Another goal for the company, it states on the website, is to develop a pharmaceutical therapy that will limit the long-term effects of brain injury, including the types of severe brain trauma that may follow a stroke.

Since, the company states, no reliable diagnostic tool exists to evaluate the extent and severity of TBI, according to a press release the company is working toward the identification of a TBI biomarker and incorporating it into a quick and accurate diagnostic kit that can be easily used by healthcare professionals.

The ideal kit will not only diagnose the presence of a brain injury, it will also quantify its severity and indicate the treatment needed. In addition, the kit could become a key component of efficacy testing and an end point in all future clinical trials in TBI, the release continues.

In order to accomplish this goal, Medicortex Finland Oy states in the press release that it is seeing investments to support the development of the diagnostic device, as well as initial studies assessing the biological activity and lack of toxicity of its pipeline compounds.

For more information, visit Medicortex Finland Oy.

[Source: Medicortex Finland Oy, PRWeb]