Rock Steady Boxing Inc (RSB) and Urban Poling are partnering and combining their strengths to improve the lives of people living with Parkinson’s disease.

This new collaboration will allow the two companies to share, with therapists and medical fitness instructors, their combined expertise, skills and evidence-based physical activity programs.

A new online training program has been designed exclusively for RSB coaches to qualify them as accredited Urban Poling instructors and to provide a unique addition to their current RSB programming, according to a media release from Urban Poling Inc.

“Our goal is to help people living with Parkinson’s be strong, energized and balanced on their feet. Some people confuse our poles with simple hiking poles, but our FDA-registered and therapist-designed ACTIVATOR poles and technique improve outcomes for posture, upper body and core strength, gait, and walking confidence.”

— Mandy Shintani, occupational therapist and co-director of Vancouver, B.C.-based Urban Poling Inc

“We are excited to partner with Urban Poling to provide instruction and added support for our boxers. The ACTIVATOR poles have enhanced our classes, providing improved motor skills and improved gait quality for our boxers inside and outside of the classroom.”

— Keri Eisenberg, president of RSB

[Source(s): Urban Poling Inc, PR Newswire]