The new “Do Tell” Your Doctor Tool is a new online questionnaire designed to help people with Parkinson’s disease (PwPs) and their care partners better identify and articulate their symptoms, especially when experiencing OFF periods.

OFF periods, or the re-emergence of Parkinson’s symptoms, can be difficult to describe because they differ from person to person, and often from day to day.

The tool, launched recently by Acordia Therapeutics Inc, offers a visual guide and glossary to help PwPs and their care partners recognize and record their troublesome symptoms, with the intent of fostering better dialogue with their healthcare provider, according to the company in a media release

“We have found a consensus among leading movement disorder physicians, PwPs, their care partners and Parkinson’s patient advocacy groups that PwPs have challenges in articulating the impact of their OFF periods during a doctor’s appointment. This results in missed opportunities for discussion,” says Ron Cohen, MD, Acorda’s president and CEO, in the release.

“We expect the ‘Do Tell’ Your Doctor Tool to increase effective communication between PwPs and their healthcare providers, thereby enhancing their ability to optimize therapeutic outcomes. We are proud to bring this to the Parkinson’s community.”

The “Do Tell” Your Doctor Tool, part of Acorda’s “Live Well. Do Tell.” program, was developed with input from a multi-disciplinary Steering Committee of Parkinson’s community leaders. It also underwent beta testing and received feedback from members of InMotion, a nonprofit wellness center in Cleveland, Ohio, that offers a variety of evidence-based exercise, creative movement, support and education programs free of charge to PwPs and their care partners, the release explains.

“This tool will be a valuable resource to help improve conversations between people with Parkinson’s, their care partners and healthcare providers,” says Karen Jaffe, a person with Parkinson’s and member of both the “Live Well. Do Tell.” Steering Committee and the InMotion Board.

“We were excited to offer our input on this important tool to ensure it is user-friendly and serves the needs of our community,” she adds, in the release.

[Source(s): Acorda Therapeutics Inc, Business Wire]