Developed by In-Step Mobility and Michael J. Fox, the LaserCue is designed to attach to any cane and project a red laser line onto the floor as a way to help those with Parkinson’s disease reduce gait freezing and falls.

According to a study from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, “Adding a laser light visual cue to a cane or walker can lead to a modest reduction in FOG (Freezing) and may substantially reduce the frequency of falls in PD patients with FOG (Freezing),” a media release from In-Step Mobility notes.

The LaserCue is designed to attach to any cane and project a red laser line onto the floor to help reduce gait freezing and falls among people with Parkinson’s disease.

Both the U-STep Walker and the LaserCane already incorporate the laser cueing technology. Michael J. Fox suggested a variation to the LaserCane, in which the laser cueing technology could be offered on any cane a person chooses.

Jonathan Miller, Founder and President of In-Step Mobility, invited Fox to share his ideas on an ongoing basis in the development of the product. Through several meetings, they agreed upon the current design.

“These meetings were extremely helpful in me understanding his vision for the product. He had a lot of good ideas that I incorporated into the final product,” Miller says.

LaserCue is a free-standing module that can be attached to any cane between ¾ inch and 7/8 inches thick. It sports a streamlined design that is ordered as a right and left-handed unit. It is offered with either a black or clear cover, to suit individual tastes.  

“This is a breakthrough product for Parkinson’s patients with freezing issues, producing a laser line that motivates you to step up and over and thus regain the rhythm of your stride. It also helps in the dark when footing is uncertain,” Fox says.

“Jonathan Miller at In-Step developed this invaluable resource for patients with PD and other movement disorders and allowed me to contribute my thoughts and ideas along the way. I really think that this product could change and possibly even save lives.”

“It has been a pure honor to work on this product with Mr. Fox, who has not only been a customer, but an important voice for the Parkinson’s Community for many years,” Miller adds. 

Jonathan and the In-Step company will donate a portion of the proceeds from every purchase of the new LaserCue to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF).

[Source: In-Step Mobility]